Trump Vs. PC Culture

Hey there reader, I hope you’re doing great.  I read this article.  I think the author was a bit hyperbolic, comparing PC culture to the Cultural Revolution in China. But one thing is clear, Donald Trump came about to spite PC culture.

One point I agreed with the author was PC culture came about around the Nixon era in the early 1970s. But the author didn’t explain why. To understand why we need to analyze the institutions and cultural history of the Nixon era.

The 1960s brought urban riots and protests, the Civil Rights movement, the Immigration Act, assassinations, the Black Panthers, and drugs. To be fair, drugs have always been part of American culture but drugs were subdued until the 1960s. It was only when the parents of baby boomers found out their kids were using drugs, they became outraged about drugs. Thus, working class and middle-class white Americans living in the suburbs saw America at war on television on two fronts; the Cold War manifested itself in Vietnam and the wars happening in our major cities. This outraged electorate became the Silent Majority.

Nixon deployed the Southern Strategy on the Silent Majority in his campaign to the White House in 1968 and 1972. The Silent Majority opposed PC culture, the anti-war movement, and the Civil Rights movement. The Silent Majority favored a president who was tough on crime and welfare favored law and order and gun rights.

Nixon promised to end the lawlessness and declared war on drugs. Translation: Nixon declared war on Those People, the poor, minorities, and women.

Reagan followed Nixon’s lead and used anti-PC language when he talked about states’ rights, welfare queens, and young bucks in his runs for the White House in 1976, 1980 and 1984.  Mandatory minimum sentencing also came about during the Reagan era.

But to be fair, it wasn’t just Nixon or Reagan who promoted the Southern Strategy and espoused anti-PC sentiments; working class and middle-class white voters subscribed to these movements to spite the cultural events of the 1960s.

PC hawks knew exactly whom Nixon and Reagan were referring to in their speeches. And PC hawks recognize the same coded language with Donald Trump. Trump incites the Silent Majority into action but he is worse than Nixon or Reagan: he favors waterboarding and bombing the families of terrorists, which will surely bring more terror attacks on the homeland. Trump encourages the brutalization of Black Lives Matter members at his rallies, mocks the disabled, insults veterans, humiliates immigrants, criticizes women and Muslims.  Trump encourages his supporters to beat protestors and says he will pay the legal fees.

Trump seems impervious to PC culture because he has no conscience. But one thing is clear: Trump has weaponized hatred. 

PC means respect. And I think the objective of PC culture is to prevent insult and injury. PC might seem militant to some but I think being disrespected is worse. Everyone has the right to express themselves but they aren’t exempt from PC criticism.

Trump is criticized by PC culture for his anti-PC rhetoric. The problem is he doesn’t care about being PC, which means he doesn’t respect you or me. And if he can’t be respectful, then I doubt he will be a good president.


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