Can Concealed Carry Permit Holders Be Trusted To Not Commit Gun Crimes? 

Hey there reader.  I hope you’re doing great.  I did some research on concealed carry permit holders recently to find out if they commit fewer crimes than the rest of the population.


Concealed carry permit holders allege society can trust them to not commit crimes because they go through a rigorous permitting process. So is it true, can concealed carry permit holders be trusted to not commit crimes?


Of the 240,000 CCers reviewed in North Carolina from 2006-2011, 2,400 were convicted of crimes or misdemeanors, 200 of the crimes were felonies, 60 of the felonies were weapon related assaults and 10 of the assaults were manslaughters or murders. 8 of the 10 manslaughters and murders were committed with a gun. Of the 70 CCer domestic violence convictions, two-thirds of them were committed on a woman. Also, 900 CCers were convicted of drunk driving.

Further Discussion

When researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research studied states which passed right to carry laws in 2004, they found the RTC laws were “associated with higher aggregate violent crime rates, and the size of the deleterious effects that are associated with the passage of RTC laws climbs over time.”

The researchers estimated “that the adoption of RTC laws substantially elevates violent crime rates, but seems to have no impact on property crime and murder rates.”

Furthermore, 10 years after the adoption of RTC laws, violent crime increased 13 to 15 percent more than it would have been without the law.  Notice, when a state passed an RTC law and experienced a 13 to 15 percent increase in violent crime over 10 years, the researchers found the average RTC state’s incarcerated population doubled.  Perhaps RTC laws are part of the reason why the U.S. has the largest incarcerated population in the world.


No, a concealed carry permit holder cannot be trusted to not commit crimes.  And states that passed RTC laws experienced increases in violent crime and incarceration.


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