No One Asks Anyone To Buy A Gun

Hey there reader.  I hope you’re doing great.  Here’s something to think about: no one asks anyone to buy a gun. Gun owners serve their own self interests when they buy and carry guns. Also, there’s no obligation for a gun owner to defend anyone else from a mass shooter.

Armed police on the other hand are obligated to protect public safety. They’re well trained with firearms, well compensated and they’re sworn to protect the public. They wear uniforms and badges to distinguish themselves from civilians.

My point is, owning a gun doesn’t make the owner a police officer. 

Also, owning a gun is an illusion of security: when a gun owner engages with a mass shooter and police arrive, police can’t tell the difference between the armed good guy and the mass shooter: both shooters look the same because they’re firing at each other and they’re not uniformed. In this case, gun owners are putting themselves and the public at greater risk if they engage with the mass shooter: they could be injured themselves or could shoot an innocent bystander. In the end, guns are an illusion of security.

So before another mass shooting, gun homicide, gun suicide or gun injury occurs, let’s consider increasing the police force by 25 percent and also consider making it more difficult for everyone to get a gun with permit to purchase gun laws, safe storage gun laws and background checks. These gun laws are simple, affordable and popular.

Final thoughts, if you’re an armed good guy, act like an armed good guy. And good guys comply with gun laws, remember that.


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I want to write about new experiences, the people I meet and the things I learn. I moved from Tempe, AZ to Arlington, VA with my dog 5 years ago. We love it here.

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