The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers

Hey there reader.  I hope you’re doing great.  I started a new book this week, the Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers by Paul Kennedy.

It’s a great read so far. Kennedy’s thesis is, as empires spread, their resources are drained from their core which deprives the core from thriving. The core then falls to corruption and the empire falls into decline.

Empires begin showing stress when the people become irritated, agitated. Acemoglu wrote countries need to adapt to technological change and reform their policies to become more inclusive, or else they will perish.

It’s a great book so far. I’ll update this post as I learn more.


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I want to write about new experiences, the people I meet and the things I learn. I moved from Tempe, AZ to Arlington, VA with my dog 5 years ago. We love it here.

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