Between The World And Me

Hey there reader, I hope you’re doing great.  I started another book: Between The World And Me by Te-Nehisi Coates.  

Coates is from Baltimore, he met his wife Kenyatta Matthews at Howard University in the 1990s.  He’s written about African American culture and history for The Atlantic since 2008.

Coates wrote this book as a cautionary letter to his son, Samori.  Coates focused on the struggle of African Americans and their need to be twice as good, or expect half as much from American culture.  He explained;

Coates believes African Americans don’t have the same presumption of innocence that white Americans, those who believe themselves to be white, do: blacks are presumed to be guilty until proven innocent.  He also explained how Prince Jones’s death and Samori’s birth affected him in profound ways.  And how racism existed before the idea of race.

Coates wrote this book 50 years after James Baldwin wrote his book to his nephew, The Fire Next Time.  Coates touched on his relationship to his father, Paul Coates and compared the differences of racism found in France and in the US: Coates moved his family to Paris to complete this book.

Coates wrote this letter with a sense of wonder and anger.  He seems to have an interest in the Civil War.  He doesn’t offer policy solutions or optimism to solve the structural problems of racism in the US but he did a thorough job of documenting his struggle for his son.

I think the book is wonderful, it reads like poetry.  It was well received by critics and commented on by audiences.  I encourage everyone to read it.




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I want to write about new experiences, the people I meet and the things I learn. I moved from Tempe, AZ to Arlington, VA with my dog 5 years ago. We love it here.

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